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  • “He nailed it, he was right on every point and every turn. He just nailed it.”
  • “Throughout it was a great presentation. Overall, everybody enjoyed it. It was well-suited for our group. We laughed, we cried, we laughed at his jokes, and we got a lot of information.”
  • “My gosh was it informative. We learned all about Google Ad words, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook. Absolutely invaluable information. I highly recommend Mr. O’Malley to speak at your next engagement.”
  • “Well I thought tonight was very informative. I did learn a lot because I am very, very computer-challenged, as well as email and all those things that come along with it. But I have to say Patrick did an awesome job tonight. I’m much more informed than I was when I arrived this evening. And thank you so very much I do appreciate it.”
  • “I think tomorrow we’re going to sign up for the free google page. That was very good advice. He was very entertaining and I loved his presentation.”
  • “He was awesome, awesome. I barely knew what I was talking about with LinkedIn. He was phenomenal. I have got to go home right now and update my profile and think about Facebook. He’s really opened my eyes to a bunch of new things.”
  • “I found the meeting extremely interesting. Pretty-well rounded when it comes down to social marketing. But I learned a lot of interesting points tonight and I recommend it to everybody, whether you’re a beginner or an expert.”

For more information about booking Patrick O'Malley as a Linkedin speaker, email or call 617-PATRICK, i.e. 617-728-7425.


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