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March 30, 2009

Twitter for Business, Sales, and Marketing webinars:

Dell Outlets made $1,000,000 in revenue last year directly trackable to Twitter (see Forrester's story on Dell using Twitter), and IMHO, they aren't even that smart about they way they use it.  They should make $50-300 million this year through Twitter.

Twitter may be one of the most powerful marketing forces in 3000 years, rivaling the historical advent of

  1. the printing press
  2. the newspaper
  3. the radio
  4. Claude Hopkins
  5. TV
  6. the search engine

but it's free.  I can show you how to get 1000+ people to follow you in a week who are interested in your product.  Of course, it costs you time, but that's where I can help you.  I can teach you how to do it - faster, better, smarter.

In our webinars, some of which will be free, you can see why Twitter can be such an earth shattering marketing and sales force.  Add yourself to the sign up list at the top of the page if you want to be notified about them.

Email me at if you want a free 15 minute consultation on how Twitter and I can change your life.  That sounds dramatic, but that's because I'm dramatic, not because I'm wrong.


To see how dramatic I can be, here's my demo video, albeit from a LinkedIn presentation: