Time Saving Computer Training

  • You just know that there are faster ways to do the things you do, don't you?
  • Do you also think there are ways to avoid problems, like losing windows, losing data, et cetera?

In most cases there are, and in this seminar, we will teach you a lot of them, including

  • how to drag and paste
  • how to easily create multiple windows easily
  • how to copy and paste more conveniently
  • how to edit data in any application, on your URL line, etc
  • how to use the file manager more intelligently
  • how to use the brush key
  • and many more

We'll also teach you how to search the internet more efficiently, including

  • how to use Google more efficiently and quickly

Contact us at patweb@patrickomalley.com to get a quote for your company, or call us at the number below.