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Testimonial: Vic Marcus Muschiano recommends social media speaker Patrick O'Malley, aka (617)-PATRICK

LinkedIn testimonial from Vic Marcus Muschiano's LinkedIn page:


To say that your Keynote to the information-hungry audience at the WPI Venture Forum last week was electrifying is an understatement! You captivated everyone: Venture Capitalists, Entrepreneurs, as well as the Business School Grads who were fortunate to have heard the motivation and inspiration that you so generously contributed. A very big thank you for making our season’s opening Forum one of the very best that we’ve ever hosted in our 20 year history. The record was set for the highest attendance - EVER! So, our hats off to you in appreciation, “Mr. Social Media” – a job well done! . . . .The Best, VIC MARCUS, Program. Chair/ September, 2011 WPI Venture Forum

Vic Marcus Muschiano
Leadership Education and Mentorship
September 23, 2011, Vic Marcus was a client of Patrick’s

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