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Testimonial: J.J. DeBrosse recommends social media speaker Patrick O'Malley, aka (617)-PATRICK

LinkedIn testimonial from J.J. DeBrosse's LinkedIn page:


I have been attending conferences for going on fifteen years. Not until meeting Pat O'Malley have I ever attended multiple sessions presented by the same person.

Not only is Pat's knowledge unmatched in his field (LinkedIn), his ability to present the information in way that is understandable for the layperson is a rare skill for technology presenters to have. Pat excels in this by using real life scenarios and perfectly placed comedy.

His enthusiasm and passion for his field ensnare the attendees to want to learn more as the class goes on. The highest praise I can give him is that I hope that my children have teachers who care as much about their topics and present with such passion as Pat does.

J.J. DeBrosse
Director of Graduate and Professional Recruitment, Lacy School of Business at Butler University
July 19, 2009, J.J. worked with Patrick but at different companies

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