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Testimonial: Alyssa Dver recommends social media speaker Patrick O'Malley, aka (617)-PATRICK

LinkedIn testimonial from Alyssa Dver's LinkedIn page:


As a fellow professional speaker, I have hundreds of others speakers and studied the art for years so I thought I had seen it all. WRONG! Patrick rocked my world with his humor, useful content and overall style that made me sad when his 45 minutes were done. I told him he was a harder act to follow than when I presented after Suze Orman a year ago and I meant it. Pity other presenters but if you are an event planner or need the best social media trainer, make no doubt, Patrick is the guy to hire.

Alyssa Dver
Chief Confidence Officer ? Speaker, Author, Researcher ? Neuro-based strategies & secrets for greater personal impact
September 29, 2010, Alyssa worked with Patrick but at different companies

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