Why does LinkedIn require an email address when I invite someone?   Cuz you’re on the Linkedin IDK list.

Bummer.   You used to invite people to join you on LinkedIn by using their name, and now you have to use their email address.

  • I'll tell you why
  • I'll tell you how to fix it
  • I’ll tell you how to find out who IDKed you
    • this no longer works. For some reason, LInkedIn got rid of it. Email me if it resurfaces.
  • I'm pretty cool

When you invite someone, they have the opportunity to say "I don't know" you.   If just FIVE people say that, you get put on LinkedIn’s blacklist.   At that point, you have to put in someone’s email address in order to invite them, and if you are trying to get in touch with a

  • high school friend
  • college friend or roommate
  • colleague from years ago
  • military associate
  • et cetera

you probably don’t have their email address.

Here’s how you fix it:

Send an apology to LinkedIn’s customer service at cs@linkedin.com, and they will let you off the hook … once.  The email address cs@linkedin.com doesn't appear to work anymore. Please email me if it resurfaces.

Here is the new way to notify them:

  • Go to the upper right hand corner of your linkedin page, and click on your picture
  • In the drop down, Click "Help center" at the bottom
  • In the top middle, it says "Contact us", but it won't let you click it until you first enter some question, like "get off IDK list", and then look at the answers
  • now, at the top, click "Contact us"

They should then give you get five more IDKs, but they don't always answer quickly.   After that, there’s another way, but LinkedIn wouldn’t like it, so if you want it,

  • send me a LinkedIn invitation using the address patlink@patrickomalley.com, or at
View Patrick O'Malley's profile on LinkedIn

if you can still send invites

  • in the subject line, say “way to get off IDK list”

and I’ll send it to you. 


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Here’s how you find out who said IDK to your invitation on LinkedIn:

  • this no longer works. For some reason, LinkedIn got rid of it. Email me if it resurfaces.
    • Go to your LinkedIn home page
    • Expand the Inbox on the left if it isn’t expanded
    • Click Invitations
    • On the Invitations page, click Sent in the upper right to see the Invitations that you’ve sent
    • Click Status just below it to sort by status
    • Now you want to look for the status “Doesn’t Know”, but it will be in alphabetical order in the middle of the following:
      • Accepted
      • Bounced
      • Doesn’t Know
      • Replaced
      • Sent
    • You have to click the numbers at the bottom of the page after the word Page
      • they don’t have a next button
      • if you sent a lot of invitations, start by looking halfway through your pages

Find the people that IDKed you, and beat them with a stick.  Then I’ll give you the names of the people that IDKed me, and you can beat them with the same stick.

If you get them to invite you, LinkedIn supposedly removes them from your IDK count.

Good luck, and if this is unclear or could be improved, email me at patweb@patrickomalley.com

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