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See Sample Video taken from keynote in front of 100 Finance and Accounting professionals from Massachusetts' fastest growing private accounting firm.

    This is a quick "Missing LinkedIn Tip" - keep a list of the people that you can't find in LinkedIn.  Someday, somehow, you'll be able to use it.

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Business networking on the Internet is more important than ever, and now it’s easier thanks to new and free sites, including

LinkedIn has over 19 million subscribers, many of which you know!

In this workshop, we will

  • teach novices how to set up a full and effective profile in just 10 minutes
    • how to avoid critical mistakes
  • teach advanced users a bunch of tips about how to get the most from LinkedIn
    • quick hint – put in your maiden name

You might want to bring your laptop, because you could actually set up an account and begin to find people from your past.  However, there is no guarantee that wireless in the hotel will accommodate that many laptops.

You will also learn:

  • how LinkedIn can help you in ways you probably hadn’t thought about
  • when and how to refine your profile over time
    • why it makes a difference when you update your profile
  • how job hunters can use it to look for  a job
  • how managers can to use it to hire employees
  • how sales people can use it to find leads
  • how anyone can use it to reconnect with
    • former work colleagues
    • college friends
    • old friends
  • many advanced tips for people that have been using LinkedIn
  • philosophies about who to link with

If you believe that

  • Its not what you know, its who you know
  • Your former colleagues are your best references

we will show you the best way to implement those philosophies on the Internet.

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Note that

  • I do NOT work for LinkedIn Corporation, and am not affiliated with LinkedIn Corporation in any way.
  • LinkedIn is not spelled Linked In