Advertising On Google On A $50 Budget (a Google AdWords™ Seminar on Search Engine Advertising and Search Engine Marketing)


Believe it or not, you can advertise on Google for less than the $50 budget mentioned in the title.  Let’s say you do consulting on German Shepherds.  If someone goes to Google and searches for “Consultant on German Shepherds”, you can have your ad show up on the right hand side, and so far it costs you nothing! 

You only pay if they actually click on the ad and go to visit your web site, and that typically costs about $1.  However, at that point, they were looking for a consultant on German Shepherds, and you are one, so it’s a match made in money heaven! 

Wow.  Bow wow.

You can also set up the ad so that it only runs in a certain geographical area, like within 50 miles of your home.

In this seminar, you will learn

  • how to set up a Google advertising campaign
  • how to choose the keywords that should trigger your ad
  • how to run the ad in a certain geographical area, like within 50 miles of your home
  • what options Google allows
  • how you can run different ads for the same keyword
  • how to track the number of people that come to your site

Come and learn about an advertising option that may change the way that you do business.  Email us for more info about scheduling a class.